Holiday notice

The Spring Festival is the grandest festival in china.we'll have 12 days holiday from 20th january to 31th january to celebrate our factory will be on hold,if any question or inquiry about products,please contact us any time Shirly Zhu Mobile:0086-13861918210 Happy new year to you all!

What happens if you overload a transformer?

What happens if you overload a transformer? Overload is when a transformer is subjected to voltages and/or currents that exceed its design specifications. During overloading conditions, excess heat will cause the insulation system to break down, resulting in decreased life expectancy of the transformer. Class B insulation paper is a new product for high overload oil immersed transformer.This should be a best choice for you now.

Indian customers visited our factory.

Indian customers visited our factory. Customers speak highly of our product quality, factory environment, etc. We’re major in producing different insulation materials for distribution transformer and some other electricals.

Class B electrical insulation paper used in high overload oil immersed transformer

Our new product “Thermal DDP insulation paper” is a new product which used in high overload oil immersed transformer.The insulation class of the product is class B,heat resistant temperature as 130℃。Compare with normal oil immersed transformer insulation paper,it can save the transformer when it work overload in short time.And increase the service life of the transformer.At the same time,this new product is produced from the enviromental material.Without any pollution to the transformer oil.It’s a new cost-effective insulation paper for the high overload oil immersed transformer.

Electrical insulation paper tape for transformer automatic winding machine

As the progress of the technology of transformer winding technology,automatic winding machine is widely used by the big transformer manufacturers.The high strength insulation paper tape is needed to for the winding machine.”Rizhi Electric”produce the diamond dotted insulation paper tape with good tensile strength,bonding strength,mechanical strength and electrical strength.