Storage of insulating materials

All of the insulating materials should be stored in special enviroment.Should be store in a dry,clean and well-ventilated warehouse under 25℃, and keep away from fire and heat point, also keep away from the sun. The storage period is six months or one year, qualified products exceeding the storage period can still be used. All material rolls should be packed with polyester film in time after use it.For the materiall with paper or cloth is easy to absorb the moisture in the air.That will influence the size and the electrical properties. The sunshine,high temperature and fire will change the property of the material which composite with glue or coated with glue.At the same time,most of insulation materials have insulating property,but they don’t have flame retardant property. The dust can also affact the dielectric loss and electrical strength. So we’d better store the materials in good enviroment.

The main influencing factors to the insulation performance

There are many types of insulation materials.Such as different environment, different raw material are the influence factors of insulation materials’ performance.Following point need to pay special attention: 1. If in use of insulation materials, due to the reason of machine itself is damaged, can also lead to the performance of the insulation material has decreased. So on to carry on the processing of the material and pay attention to as much as possible to minimize the damage, it can also be confirmed the material performance. 2. The thickness of the material itself may also affect its performance size: when insulating material thicker, will increase the pressure of materials, heat dissipation caused difficulties arise, the phenomenon such as bubbles, which lowers its using performance. 3. The impact on the environment, such as temperature and humidity: when the area of insulating materials used by the temperature rise will increase the electrical strength, thus reducing its using performance. But when the environment contains heavy moisture, dielectric strength will be reduced. Thus thethe use of performance is better.